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Reiki assists in rebalancing the natural flow of energy through the body. It helps reduce “brain chatter” and allow you to reconnect to your higher self & inner guide. Experiencing reiki will not only help you reduce your response to life’s stressors it will also bring you back into alignment with your highest potential.

Become Magnetic offers 60 minute reiki sessions. These sessions are in person in Englewood, CO. Book via the scheduling link below or call Shelby directly at:



Shelby’s Reiki Journey

I first heard of reiki in June of 2018. If you’ve ever experienced a nudge to explore something further you may know how this went. After never hearing the term reiki before I was all of a sudden hearing it everywhere, two of my coworkers, a friend and a new acquaintance all mentioned it within a 3 week period. I got the hint.

A month later I had my first session & it felt as though my whole world started to shift. I had never felt so connected to the divine, I started to unravel the stories I had been telling myself for years and things that were no longer in alignment with my higher callings fell away.

A few months later I decided to explore reiki further by getting my becoming a reiki practitioner excited to share this life transformation with others. I’m excited you’ve landed here & will be experiencing the power of reiki yourself.