Wellness Programs


I thought I was falling apart at 23. I wasn’t able to concentrate or think straight, my speech began to slur, I was running to the bathroom between patient appointments and my gas was often so bad I had to leave the gym early. It was mortifying and terrifying all at the same time.

After two years of trailing programs and gut resets I was able to formulate this program for myself & now I’m sharing it with you. Because no one should have to feel like they are a falling apart, ever.


I was standing in the kitchen, staring down at the bottom of the jar of almond butter I had just opened. It was empty and I wasn't really sure how it had happened. I thought about food constantly. I felt like it was running my life. After healing my own relationship to food I knew I needed to help other women do the same.

Hungry for Healing is a self-guided 2 month online program designed to walk you through healing cravings, emotional eating, binges and your relationship to food. By the end of this program you'll understand your 'triggers' and have the tools to prevent spiraling out of control.


Work With Shelby


Shelby accepts a select number of clients to work with 1:1. Using her signature method Become Magnetic she’ll help you uncover the blocks holding you back from your next level life.

Working with Shelby means raising your vibration through spiritual, mindset and wellness practices. She will help you transcend the energetic blocks holding you back from the life of your dreams. Ready to see your vision board come to life? The business take off? Its time to Become Magnetic.