Do You Need to Supplement?

The answer is no. You probably don't NEED supplements but the truth is you’re going to want them if you want to feel vibrant, are working to accomplish anything where you need your brain or you don’t want to feel like a walking depressed zombie & heres why I believe this:

  • 99.9% of people in United States have SOME sort of nutrient deficiency or inadequacy.

  • Yes, even you the veggie eating, health conscious beauty you’re not exempt either!

  • 70-90% of people are magnesium deficient, a nutrient needed for nearly every metabolic reaction that occurs in your body!

  • Our food system is becoming more and more nutrient depleted meaning even when we eat healthy its harder to get the nutrients our bodies need.

  • The Standard American Diet (SAD diet) has very little nutrients in it & what many people believe is “healthy” is low in nutrients.

  • If you’re working towards weight loss you’re at even higher risk! Less food all around usually means less nutrients so making sure you’re filling up on nourishing foods first!

  • Most people are walking around feeling fatigued & reaching for quick fixes like caffeine or sugar when what their bodies really need are nutrients.

  • Our lifestyles often promote nutrient deficiencies. Stress, alcohol, excessive sugar and toxins burn through more nutrients like B vitamins and magnesium.

So yes, you’ll survive a mild nutrient deficiency & sometimes you might not even notice your low energy levels dip down. Most people can get “by” in life but at the end of the day it comes down to how you want to FEEL. For me I want to feel vibrant, energetic and alive every single day. The days I wake up and feel lethargic and foggy are far and few in between but it wasn’t always like that for me.

I used to think supplements were bogus. Pair that with over-taxing my body with no sleep, excessive stress, alcohol, caffeine and a boat-load of sugar & I woke up nearly every day in a haze, I NEEDED coffee to get through the day and by 2 pm I was falling asleep at my desk.

For me supplements, a lifestyle change and a mindset change were what I needed to feel vibrant again. I take supplements nearly every day because I know how important having sustained energy is for my work, for showing up and serving my clients and for fulfilling my purpose. So if you’re struggling with sustained energy, you’re crashing mid-day here are some of my recommendations.

B-Vitamins: These bad boys are found primarily in meat & animal products. They are esseintial for energy production in our body. If you remember any biochemistry from college b vitamins are needed in many steps in the process of producing ATP! The kicker is these are the ones that get used up when we’re under stress, sleeping less, over consuming caffeine and alcohol and so many people are deficient in them! I recommend a b vitamin since they’re low risk, you’re going to pee out the extras. If after a few weeks of supplementing you don’t notice a little shift in your energy you can always discontinue it. I love Nature Made B Complex. They are a USP certified brand meaning their supplements are tested for whats in them!

Magnesium: Magnesium is another vitamin we burn through under stress. Its also needed for basically every reaction in our body. So when we’re low on these we feel it. For many people inadequate magnesium intake can lead to bigger fluctuations in blood sugars which can leave you feeling hungrier. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep at night it can be helpful to take this supplement before bed or go google foods high in magnesium (pumpkin seeds and spinach are awesome sources and add a bunch of those into your diet). The downside to oral magnesium supplements is that they can make you have some loose stools! Epsom salt baths and topical magnesium creams are also great ways to get adequate intakes since your body can actually absorb this mineral through the surface of your skin!

Fish Oil: Unless you’re eating fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines 2-3x a week you’re probably not getting enough omega-3s. Yes, you absolutely can get them through plant sources like flax seeds, walnuts, leafy greens & chia seeds but if you’re under any stress you don’t actually convert those plant sources to the active form of omega-3s. If this the case I recommend taking a supplement. These are what I would recommend for daily use: Natures Made 720 mg Fish Oil.

Probiotics: You’ve probably heard about these at this point but our gut health is extremely important for disease prevention, maintain our immunity and absorbing nutrients from our food! If you’re looking for the right probiotic for you I would recommend checking out my blog on probiotics. If you’re constantly feeling in a fog it might be a sign of leaky gut! In which case I would recommend chatting with a functional medicine provider or myself to help you reset that bad boy!

Adaptogens: While you can’t be deficient in adaptogens I love using Four Sigmatic’s Coffee in place of regular coffee for several reasons. First off I love how adaptogens buffer our response to stress & starting my day to them leaves me with better sustained energy. Second regular coffee makes me CRASH I usually feel tired and drained 4-6 hours later this is in part due to the caffeine and how toxic coffee can actually be! Four Sigmatic offers a Organic alternative to all the crap we ingest. If you’re not a coffee drinker they do have packets of adaptogens which you can add to your morning smoothie or tea for a warm morning elixir!

Vitamin C: Seems like you’d be getting enough of this if your’e eating a whole food diet right? Surprisingly this is becoming a leading deficiency here in the United States! If you floss your teeth daily and still experience gum bleeding frequently this can be a sign your deficient! Vitamin C is a super antioxidant means it neutralizes all the bad guys “free radicals”! So be sure to add in more citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries and if you aren’t good about those a good old vitamin C supplement!

Vitamin D: First have your doc check your levels. If your range is not between 50-80 I would supplement. Most people in the mid-west need a supplement 10 months out of the year! If you’re feeling the effects of seasonal depression, low energy, low mood you may need some extra D! Ask your doctor how much you should supplement to get back to the optimal range!

***Always talk with your medical provider before starting supplements, especially if you have any sort of health condition. Gotta save a sisters butt ;)***