Holiday Survival Guide

If you’re anything like me holidays can get a wee bit cray with all the holiday treats, festivities and ah-hem ALL that energy. Most years I’ve left the holidays feeling like a swollen wood tick {for those of you beauties who did not grow up in the country of the midwest--go ahead and google this, you’ll get it}, feeling low energy & wishing I wouldn’t have had the molasses cookie because I couldn’t say no to grandma’s homemade goods. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy beating myself for falling off the wagon, for making myself feel so crappy and for feeling like a balloon. If I’m being honest holidays have been kind of miserable for this reason.

So I started to wonder why the holidays have been so rough, why despite my pep talks about how this year is going to be different I still leave feeling like crap. I’ve come to the conclusion that my cookie binges and mindlessly stuffing have nothing to do with my desire to really have that 17th cookie and everything to do with my mindset and the energy of the holidays. I head home and revert into the behaviors of when I was living there. I stop meditating, my workouts are no longer a priority or if they are its because I’m freaking out over a binge rather than moving to feel vibrant, I stop writing gratitude every morning and I’m not nourishing my body they way I typically do. So here are the lessons I’ve learned, hopefully it helps you <3.

Lesson #1: Mind your energy. You know the days where you just feel crummy, your mood is in the tank and you want to eat everything in your path because your energy is low vibe? Well I set myself up for low vibe every time I go home. First off I’ll start by saying I am extremely energetically sensitive maybe if you’ve landed here you are as well. I can FEEL my families anxieties, fears, depressions, worries and as someone who spends a lot of time solo being in a household of people can be very overestimating. To add to the energy vortex I tend to revert to old habits and find myself skipping some of the most important steps in my rituals that usually make me feel magical.

My plan this holiday season? Sticking with the rituals that make me feel magical. Meditation, moving my body, getting into nature, filling my brain with personal development books and podcasts & keeping up with my gratitude journal. They are the things that make me feel high vibe so it only makes sense when for me to continue them if I want to keep my vibe high.

That being said there is still going to be energy I pick up that is not mine. So when this happens I do a mini meditation. {This can literally be done in a minute or two in the bathroom at a festivities}

  • Light Meditation: - I might envision myself being bathed in white light. I let the light sweep through my body and wash away any negative energy.

  • Bubble Visualization: Before I enter a room or party I envision a energetic bubble around myself guarding me from energy that is not mine.

  • Coat Visualization: Just like you protect yourself from the elements of winter, you can protect yourself from energy of others. I like to envision myself wearing a coat or layer protecting me from the energy. At the ned of the day I can take it off and remove any unwanted energy!

  • Cord Cutting Meditation: {My personal favorite} Sit cross legged with your eyes closed palms facing up on your lap. Envision yourself connected with a cord to the energetically charged person you would like to release. Next send them love and light, envision them receiving a pillar of white light from source or the heavens. Next take your lovely little viisulaized scissors and cut that cord connecting you to them. Take their end of the cord & plug them back into source or a mountain or a ball of light {whatever feels aligned}. Lastly take your end of the cord and plug yourself back up into the heavens and let yourself feel all that vibrant energy flow in.

Lesson #2: Set boundaries. This can be as simple as saying no to the 17th holiday cookie or taking time to do the self care rituals that make you feel good. I notice myself trying to please and see everyone going going going not taking time to fill my cup. When we try please everyone and neglect taking care of ourselves as a result we end up showing up half-assed. Personally I’m cranky, I feel sluggish & its just not enjoyable to be around me.

SET BOUNDARIES. Your family or friends may not understand that taking an hour to do your rituals is essential for you feeling vibrant. Its ok explain why taking an hour away from them is so important or why you can’t spend an entire day with them. Spending 2-3 hours of quality time where you feel great is better than 10 of you feeling cranky.

If food or alcohol is where you struggle setting boundaries. Remember this you don’t need to justify or explain why you don’t want to that 15th cookie or 7 holiday cocktails you just need to say no thank you. It is not your responsibility to please others by eating the food, or partying like you once did. Politely decline. When you do whats best for you everyone wins.

Lesson #3: Don’t be so damn rigid just set an intention. Oh sister I’ve spent way to many holidays saying “no you can’t have that, Shelby” in my head. Telling myself that this holiday would be different, that I could control the binges. Truth is I believe I manifested the binges by focusing on how I wasn’t going to let it happen again this year. The energy I brought into the holiday meals and being home was fear, fear that I would fall off the wagon and fear that I would leave feeling like shit. So it happened.

This year, nothing is off limits. I can have as much or as little as I desire but I am setting the intention BEFORE I head into the chaos. My intention: To feel calm, peaceful and high vibe. To enjoy every moment I spend with my family & friends. To laugh more, to play more. At the end of the day I’ve spent too much time focusing on the things that aren’t really important.

If you want to dig into the deeper causes of cravings, binges or mindless eating. I would love to help you get to the root causes, help you feel free of food obsession and find peace with your relationship with food. Enrollment for Hungry for Healing is open thru 1/20/19. Be sure to grab your spot here.