Do you ever feel like the Universe meant for you to discover something? Like you’ve gone your entire life never having heard of it before, then within a matter of weeks its everywhere? Thats how I felt about Reiki. My first exposure to energy was through crystals, I thought they were pretty so I bought some. With it I received a guide to the energy centers in our bodies called chakras. I thought it was interesting but wasn’t sure I was totally on board with the idea that this energy could get stored in our bodies and impact our health. I’m all about holistic health and wellness but if you have never experienced energy healing it can be hard to wrap your head around that one.

A few weeks later a women I mastermind with mentioned that she attends reiki energy healing monthly, the next day the physical therapist at the hospital I worked at mentioned she had a rotation during her internship in reiki and a few weeks after that one of my best friends called me excited about the crazy experience she had during her reiki session. I decided that was enough of a sign for me, I scheduled my first appointment.

I had many WTF moments during my first reiki appointment. Mind you I went in with pretty much no idea what to expect. So when the healer played her crystal bowls and I immediately started crying, for no apparent reason and with no control I was a little confused. I’m not a cryer, I HATE crying infant of people, I was uncomfortable but I went with it. When she then swept Palo Santo over my body, without touching me I felt energy moving down my body, I was mind-blown. What shocked me most was the physical discomfort I felt again without her laying hands on my body, in my ovaries.

I’m going to put the disclaimer out that no one else I’ve talked to has felt physical discomfort. Every person’s experience is different when it comes to reiki some people see colors, some feel heat or cold, vibrations through the body and some people fall asleep. Your experience likely will not be the same as mine. At my second reiki session in Denver my healer mentioned that pain or discomfort often means you’re not quite ready to let go of a pain or wound. My thoughts “go figure, Shelby struggling to process her emotions”

This triggered a question inside of my mind, why so much discomfort in my ovaries? I’ve only ever shared this part of my story with close friends and family because to be honest I don’t think I’ve fully processed it & when I found out about it I brushed it off, no big deal, there are other options. Last year I learned that I have an anatomical abnormality that will likely cause me to miscarry any children I try to carry one day. I found out that day, told myself I’ll adopt some babies from Africa. Its fine. I never processed that, just stuffed any emotion attached with the news deep down. I think I’m still working on releasing it. It seems scary, it means facing how I really feel about that news.

So here I am two sessions later, having learned more about my mind body connection than reading all the books, listening to all the personal development podcasts and hiring all the life coaches could have really ever done for me. Somethings we don’t consciously know about ourselves. Sometimes we believe things about ourselves and our emotions but our bodies & our subconscious believe something very different. So if you ask me if I would recommend reiki, I say 150% yes. I leave feeling lighter, more open and I understand myself a little better every single time.