Shelby Kulzer is a registered dietitian, reiki practitioner, spiritual coach, blogger & podcaster helping women heal their relationship with food, raise their vibration and increase personal magnetism. A thought leader in utilizing the power of nutrition, reiki and spiritual practices to increase vibration Shelby has worked with hundreds of clients to facilitate increased energy, mental clarity and an up-level in their vibration. She is passionate about her signature Become Magnetic Method using it to facilitate alignment, manifestation and vibrancy for her clients and herself. When shes not working to raise the awareness and vibes of those around her Shelby enjoys spending her free time with her golden retriever, Sage, in the mountains of Colorado where she lives hiking, camping and reconnecting with nature.


Hi love, I’m Shelby

I’m so excited you landed here & am extremely excited to share my story with you!

So heres the real deal homie. I am so freaking lit up by what I do. Like I can’t believe empowering women to step into their authentic truth, own their voice and start their dream business is my “job” because if I’m being real it feels a hell of a lot more like a calling.

Today my life is so incredibly full of joy, freedom, abundance, play {mostly with my dog Sage we have many mommy dates during the week} and peace but it wasn’t always this way.

I spent many years lost. Chasing goals because I thought they were what I “should do”. I got a high paying dietitian job and after checking all the boxes of achievement realized I felt so fucking empty inside. Emptiness turned to partying excessively, anxiety and a whole slew of health issues. I felt trapped in the life I had created and completely miserable.

When I started my health coaching business a few years ago I quickly realized that running a business was about so much more than taking fancy Instagram photos and sharing a message because lets be real I was doing those things and it wasn’t working. So whats my secret sauce?


My businesses have taken pivotal turning points throughout this journey and it has had nothing to do with ads, sales funnels or better pics and EVERYTHING to do with my energy. Healing my wounds, embodying my message and stepping into my authentic truth have been the keys to my success. Now its time for me to help other women do the same.

Ready to join me on this transformation journey?