Shelby Kulzer is a registered dietitian, reiki practitioner, spiritual coach, blogger & podcaster helping women heal their relationship with food, raise their vibration and increase personal magnetism. A thought leader in utilizing the power of nutrition, reiki and spiritual practices to increase vibration Shelby has worked with hundreds of clients to facilitate increased energy, mental clarity and an up-level in their vibration. She is passionate about her signature Become Magnetic Method using it to facilitate alignment, manifestation and vibrancy for her clients and herself. When shes not working to raise the awareness and vibes of those around her Shelby enjoys spending her free time with her golden retriever, Sage, in the mountains of Colorado where she lives hiking, camping and reconnecting with nature.


Hi love, I’m Shelby

I’m so excited you landed here!

If you’re curious about the woman behind Become Magnetic LLC. Here is my truth. This is my story.

I grew up in a small town in MN surrounded my nature and animals. After graduating high school I followed the urge to “get out” of the small down and move to the “big city”. I studied nutrition and dietetics for five years and landed the dream job at a high paying hospital where I though I would spend the rest of my career years.

A few years in I was miserable. I was hiding behind the label of the “party girl” on the outside I was surrounded by people but on the inside I was angry, sad, lonely, confused and lost. I went to work Monday-Friday wondering how this could possibly be the rest of my life. I had this nagging feeling in my gut that there was something more I was meant to be doing but I had massive doubts about what I was feeling called to teach and speak up on. “Who am I to do this work?”

I started anyways. I showed up and let me tell you it was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done. It was in the process of answering the call, speaking my truth and releasing all that was not in alignment with my authentic truth that I discovered the spiritual practices I teach and serve others with today.

Today I get to help women on their own journeys. I teach women how to show up in their truth, teach what they are feeling called to teach on. I teach women to stand in their power and start the businesses of their dreams. I do this through masterminds, 1:1 Spiritual biz coaching & retreats.

In addition to coaching and online nutrition courses. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner. This was one of the most transformational spiritual tools I stumbled across and feel a call to help others discover the power of alignment & life force energy.