Shelby’s Story

Photo Credit: Kelsey Heeter

Photo Credit: Kelsey Heeter


We all have a story, we all have a history and I believe we all have a moment when we see through our own story. Clarity.

I lived in darkness for a long time. I abused my body to numb out pain I didn’t realize I was carrying. In college I binge drank to the point of blacking out most weekend nights. I used a dietetic degree to hide my own struggle with eating. Restricting to the point of mental fatigue and fog, then binging on anything in site once I was a few cocktails in.

After college during my internship I told myself it was time to stop depriving myself. How could I be an example for others when I was struggling with a healthy relationship with food myself. So I cold turkey stopped restricting. I packed on pounds as my body struggled to find an equilibrium. As my pants waist grew tighter, the self hate rose and the restrict-binge cycles returned.

I knew what was happening wasn’t healthy but I wasn’t sure how to change. My health became worse — anxiety, brain fog, slurred speech. I thought I was losing my mind at 24. I felt out of control of my own life. I spent years healing my gut, mind, relationships and finding my way back to my personal truth.

This struggle has become my purpose. My mission today is to help raise the vibration of others, become magnetic, step into their personal truth using mind, body & spiritual practices.


Shelby Kulzer