Are You Blocking Your Own Manifestation Magic?

Its that time of the year again, 2018 has come and gone and you’re probably starting to think about revising that vision board or setting some intentions for the new year or maybe you’re over the New Years hype, maybe you’ve given up on vision boards and goals, maybe you think its a bunch of BS.

Before last year I never set intentions, I thought vision boards were a bunch of BS & I was basically setting a health and fitness intention every other day so why make NYE a special event? Part of me thought setting a NYE resolution was a bunch of BS, lets be real no goal, no vision board could really change my life that significantly right? Then last year I picked up Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map and I realized I had been doing this whole New Years resolution thing all wrong. My goals really weren’t about how I wanted to FEEL, they were about the stuff, things, experiences I wanted that I THOUGHT would make me feel that certain way. So even when I did set intentions they never came to fruition because I wasn’t shifting my energy to call in more of the high vine things I wanted.

I read the book and thought, what the hell it can’t hurt to just try her theories out. I did the intention setting, I did the vision board, I shifted my energy and a year later I can honestly say my life looks 180 degrees different. I quit my 9-5 job to become an entrepreneur, I moved across the country to be in a state full of mountains that absolutely soothe my soul, I have a freaking puppy, I feel unbelievably F R E E & I’ve been able to manifest some pretty rad & unexplainable things into my life. So I’m sitting here thinking well shit theres something to this manifestation stuff.

Looking back theres a few things that didn’t come to fruition, curious what the different was between making it to Tony Robbins and manifesting my 6 figures {which did not end up happening} I started to dig into my energy around these things. . You see the things I wasn’t manifesting I THOUGHT I wanted but subconsciously was not really ready for them.

  • The goal I wanted to hit in my business, a part of me knew it wasn’t the work I was meant to be doing.

  • The money I wanted to make? There was still a part of my that connected wealth to greed.

  • The love I wanted, I’m still terrified of getting hurt again.

So you see we can only manifest what energetically we’re really ready for or what we are putting out to the universe consciously or subconsciously. That doesn’t mean we have to write off those feelings we want, or those things we truly desire it just means we have to do the energetic work along with setting the intention so we can get out of our own damn way when it comes to calling in what we truly desire.

So lets start with energy. This is number one when it comes to calling in your desire. Trust me, if you’re throwing out all these ideas of things you want to bring into your life but you’re vibrating at a negative vibe well then my dear you’re making it a heck of a lot harder to attract the things you want & you may even find yourself attracting things you don't want.

I love using the example of a friend of mine who would love to attract a partner into her life. She dates and meets plenty of guys, she’s absolutely stunningly beautiful, she’s smart, she’s funny but she is constantly putting out to the universe that “guys suck & men are all cheaters”. Guess what she attracts? Emotionally unavailable men, cheaters & guys who just kind of suck. Another great example is yours trulys money mindset — I thought I was doing it all right I set the intention for how much I wanted to attract, I avoided the language of "I’m poor, thats too expensive, I’m broke, etc” knowing I didn’t want to hardwire that into my beliefs. So I was confused when what I was working so hard to manifest wasn’t coming to fruition. Until I noticed what happened when it came to paying bills or unexpected expenses —knots in my stomach, feeling anxious and panic. No matter if I was making a whopping 95K or 30K it didn’t matter my energy was the same so instead of attracting abundance I attracted scarcity.

Shifting your energy starts with your language. Shifting beliefs like thats too expensive to how can I find a way to afford that or all men are crap to I’m worthy of a man who treats me well and respects my needs. Your language is just the first step. You also need to FEEL it in your soul, your physiology needs to believe it, not just your mind. So start paying attention to how your body is responding to the things you want to call in. If you start to feel tightness in your chest, take a few deep breaths relax the tension in your body or do as I did and go to reiki to help reset some of those energies engrained into your being.

So you’ve mastered your beliefs & you’re shifting your energy now its time to just raise your vibration. Remember we attract more of what we are into our lives so in order to attract that paycheck, epic romance, dream home we need to have our energetic vibration up-leveled .The beauty of this is that there are so many ways were can raise our vibration.

Lets start with what LOWERS our vibe:

  • Judgement of others/yourself: Those negative thoughts will seriously drag you down. I’ve been guilty of judging others and even more-so myself. That being said recognize your judgement, without judgement. Find a way to view the situation through the lens of love — how can you see the other person or yourself with compassion? How is this judgement reflecting something you’re insecure about yourself? The less you judge the less you lower that vibe.

  • Holding grudges: This one can be most difficult to let go of. Terrible things happen & when they do holding a grudge can feel like you’re holding that person responsible for their actions. What we don’t often realize is that holding the grudge is actually causing you more pain and suffering than it is that other person. You see sending that person all of your energy because they “deserve it” is just draining you. How can you find a way to see that person with compassion? How are they doing the best they can right now?

  • Not processing our emotions: Oh girl I have been there. I wanted to be peace, love, unicorns and rainbows. I wanted to avoid the conflicts. Staying happy happy all the time also meant I shoved down a lot of emotions, a lot of pain and a lot of anger because I didn’t want to admit there was pain. Guess what when shoved down, when left unprocessed those emotions just stayed there, trapped energetically inside of my body because I had not been able to process them, lowering that vibe.

  • Eating crap: Sugar, fast food, processed crap its literally turning down the vibration of your body on a cellular level. Instead of restricting and avoiding it focus on adding more of the nourishing food into your diet.

  • Drinking too much booze

  • Thinking negative thoughts

So what RAISES our vibe:

  • Eating nourishing food: Eat the rainbow of fruits and vegetables (mostly veggies) every day. Choose organic produce and meats. Incorporate omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Moving our bodies

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Generosity

  • Love

  • Play

Last act as if what you desire has already arrived. If you think you would feel so much more loved with your dream boat, well sister you better start feeling all the feels of love now and you must detach from the outcome. Put the order in, expect is arriving but don’t feel that your world will come crashing down if the order doesn’t arrive.

Now get manifesting my loves. You’ve got a magical 2019 coming your way if you’re ready to raise your vibration for it. Peace, love and blessings.

XOXO Shelby